How do you say it again? Balayage?



a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural looking effect.

What is Balayage?

Remember the switch from those terrible lightening caps to foils? There was such a huge sigh of relief when we knew we no longer had to sit there getting our hair yanked out with a crochet hook for an hour only to walk out with a stripy mess of highlights.

Well ladies, Balayage is the new foil. Color is painted free hand onto the hair offering a sun kissed look. Now that balayage has been on the scene for a few years, it’s had the opportunity to morph into a million different looks. What began as a gentle beachy look can now be kissed with pink or put in foils to achieve a platinum blonde (aka foilage)

How is Balayage applied?

A typical balayage is applied in sections. Lightener is painted just on the surface of a section of hair and left to process without any kind of covering. These days, however, almost every highlight I do has some balayage aspect to it. From lightening the ends of the hair left out of a traditional foil highlight to painting in a grown out, root shaded foil highlight, balayage has left its mark. It allows me the freedom to customize each color I do to fit exactly the result I want, rather than the structure of a cookie cutter foiled highlight.

How long does Balayage take?

Now this is a very subjective question. It can take anywhere from a 15 minute, face framing application to a several hour, multiple process look. A good estimate can be given in a consultation.

What does a Balayage maintenance schedule look like?

One of my favorite things about balayage is that your maintenance is totally up to you. If you enjoy a grown out color look you can go up to 4 months without a touch up. I personally prefer to do a little mini touch up every couple of months, even for people who like lived in color, to ensure that your color always looks intentional and not just like you haven’t had time to get it done.

Does Balayage work for my hair length?

Balayage looks amazing on any hair length over 3-4″. It’s versatility makes it the perfect color application for just about any style or length.

What makes Balayage so special?

Balayage offers an opportunity for a completely bespoke and personalized hair color look. Healthy and natural looking hair will always be in and the versatility of the technique allows for just about any look you can imagine.

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